Security Welcome Letter


       On behalf of your security staff, we want to welcome you to the Cobblestone/Stuart West community.  We want to do everything we can to help as you get settled in your new home.  The attached form is for you to complete and return to the gatehouse as soon as possible.  The information on this form will assist us in serving you and any guests or service personnel that you have coming in.  You may be sure that all of the information you give us will be held in the strictest of confidence.  Some guidelines for your permanent lists are as follows:

 Permanent Guest List: 

      This list consists of friends or family members that you may wish to have access to your home at any time.  Anyone on this list will be allowed entry at any hour, day or night.  These individuals will not be called in, but will be sent to your home when properly identified as being on your permanent guest list.

 Service Personnel:

      Individuals or companies listed will be allowed entry only during normal business hours.  You may wish to include such services as pest control, pool service, lawn care or housekeepers.  It is not necessary to list utility companies such as telephone, gas, electric or cable since they are permitted entry as needed.  You can always call or email the gatehouse to authorize entry for any emergency service after hours.

      It is appreciated by Security if you would make any changes to your permanent list in writing.  A simple hand-written note will do.

      Anyone not listed on your permanent list must have your permission to enter the gate.  If you are expecting guests you may call or email the gatehouse in advance of their arrival and instruct the officer on duty to allow them in.  A Daily Log is kept at the gatehouse for this purpose.  A guest list is required by Association rules for any parties or large gatherings that you host at your home.

     Finally, you should be aware that the gatehouse is manned twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.  There is always one officer, and during peak traffic hours there are two, on duty.  We also have a patrol officer during the night hours, and periodically during the afternoon.  If you have any questions about security or services in the area, please stop by the gatehouse.  Thank you.



Chief of Security