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Cobblestone Country Club
Homeowners Association Committees

The Cobblestone Homeowners Association is the governing body of Cobblestone. The association, through its Board of Directors and committees, is responsible for carrying out the By-Laws, Covenants and Rules and Regulations adopted by our community.
The Administrative Committee  serves to preserve the beauty of Cobblestone by ensuring the Covenants and By-Laws are followed and they also act as a welcoming committee for new residents.

The Finance Committee prepares our annual operating budget, while the Board of Directors employs and contracts for services and supplies to carry out the tasks needed to maintain our community’s aesthetic and financial well-being. See below link for the Finance Committee’s Mission Statement.

The Shared Cost Committee is a legal binding agreement between Stuart West POA and Cobblestone HOA.  The agreement states that both communities shall jointly be responsible for and share costs of common expenses.  See below for a summary and history of it’s role in our community. (Committee Description)

The ‘Board appointed’ committees assist the Board by focusing on individual tasks such as architectural review, budgeting and maintenance and preserving the aesthetics of the community. Committees play a vital role in the Board’s ability to govern effectively. The Board of Directors and committee members volunteer their time for the betterment of our community.

2019 Cobblestone Homeowners Association Committees

Architectural Review Board
Colette Coan
Brent Lanman
Paul Turscak
Administrative Committee- (Welcoming & Violations)
Landscaping Committee
Shared Costs Committee
Bill Black
Jack Powell
2019 Cobblestone Homeowners Association Committees